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Meet Lia James:

Hi! I'm Lia and I have built my career supporting individuals through applying branding strategies and tactics to impact career development. This has translated well to helping teams that are struggling to get the right people in the right positions, business growth, and retention.

Successful companies are built around a group of successful people, meaning each individual has to know and feel their purpose or impact. Coaching individuals into the right position impacts business development as well as team dynamics and employee retention, contributing to a healthy, successful business.

I have a drive for helping advance careers through my experience leading and customizing interpersonal skills training, a deep study of people, and a passion for diverse and inclusive team development. There is something extraordinarily satisfying about working with individuals to help identify skills, unlock potential by tapping into passion, and guiding through each step toward taking control of their career trajectory.

Let's work together to get you on the path to achieving success in your career or with your team to enhance the growth and success of your business!


Let's work together!

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